Coil Fold

coil fold is a folding technique used to gently develop gluten in high-hydration doughs during the aspergers dating site stage. It is an alternative to the Strech and Fold method.

See the step by step technique and video below.

Technique Step by Step

1. Gently loosen the dough from its proofing container by lifting it from the center.

2. As you lift the dough from the center, the ends should stretch from their weight. Free one end first, and fold the middle of the dough over the end.

coil fold

3. Repeat on the other end: Lift the dough again from the center, making sure to grab the just folded end. Fold the middle of the dough over the other end.

4. You just completed one side. Rotate the proofing container and repeat 1-3 on the other side. If you are unsure what side you are working on, take a look at the ends, they should look coiled (see photo). We want to fold these ends under.

coil fold

Technique Video

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