Costco Mango Smoothie Review

costco mango smoothie
costco mango smoothie

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)


Price (★★★★★): Priced at $2.99 per smoothie, the Costco Mango Smoothie is a steal in terms of fruit smoothies. Its Jamba Juice equivalent could cost upwards of $10! Therefore, it get a strong 5/5 rating for price.

Quality (★★★☆☆): Costco says that this smoothie is made of 100% mangoes. No added sugar, no preservatives. That alone gets a rating of at least 3 stars! So many smoothies and fruit juices these days are made with a bunch of filler ingredients, like apple juice or citric acid. The reason why I am not giving it a solid 4 or 5 stars is: that I do question the freshness of the mangoes that go into there. This is a good transition to the next category… taste!

Taste (★★☆☆☆): I have tried the mango smoothie twice, from two different Costco locations. I think the color (yellow-orangeness) already gives a hint. The smoothy has a strong smell and after-taste of over-ripe fruit. I wouldn’t quite say rotten and it definitely was not bitter to me as described by some people. It just tastes overripe. Also since the smoothie is just blended fruit (and not blended with ice, like other smoothies) it is also a bit thicker than other blended drinks. I don’t mind this, but I have heard others say that the drink is too thick for their preferences.

Summary (★★★☆☆): Overall, the smoothie is a good deal for the quality and price, as expected from Costco! As for taste, you’ll just have to try it yourself! Personally, I would consider purchasing it again.

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