Costco Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons Review

Costco Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons
Costco Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons

Costco Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons, $13 – $14

Rating: ⭐⭐ (2.5/5)


Taste (★☆☆☆☆):
The flavor of these Sichuan wontons completely threw me off guard. I was expecting something like chili wontons: savory, nutty, with lots of umami and some heat, however, these wontons sit in a “Sichuan sauce” that can be best described as fast food Chinese sweet and sour sauce. It’s very sweet and left a lot to be desired. If you like the sweet-and-sour sauce flavor, this would be ranked more highly for you.

Quality (★★☆☆☆): (1.5/5)

While you do get a small chunk of discernible real shrimp in the wonton, there is quite a bit of flour filler as well. This significantly brings down the quality bar for me.

Ease of Preparation (★★★★★):
These Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons stand out for their convenience. Each frozen bowl displays hassle-free microwave instructions, with a 5-minute cook time, making these wontons a quick snack or appetizer.

Price (★★★☆☆):
Costing between $13 and $14, each bowl averages out to a little above $2 per bowl. Not factoring in taste, this is a pretty decent price point for what you get.


Overall, if you like the fast food Chinese sweet-and-sour sauce flavor, then you’ll probably like these Costco Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons. Costo’s pricing is generally always very solid for the consumer, and these are no different. If you are expecting more traditional chili wontons, then turn away. If you are expecting more traditional chili wontons and dislike sweet wet foods (aka me), run far away! No value and ease of preparation is going to sell me on something that doesn’t meet what I prefer in taste and quality.

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