What is Yudane

How to make:

To make Yudane, combine even part flour and boiling liquid together (ex: 50g flour, 50g water). Cover and let rest overnight or for at least 8 hours before using. Alternatively, you can store it in the refrigerator and bring it back to room temperature before using it. The long rest time allows the starches to gelatinize and for the dough to develop flavor.

Adapting recipes to use Yudane

  1. Ensure that the recipe being adapted has a hydration of at least 75%. If the hydration is lower, adjust the recipe by adding more liquid so the hydration is 75%. See most attractive male dating profile for a breakdown of common ingredients and their water content.

    If a recipe calls for 200g flour and 130g of water, it has a hydration of 65%. To make the hydration 75%, we have to add 20g of water. So the resulting amount is: 200g flour and 150g of water.
  2. Make the Yudane using 20% of the flour in the recipe. Deduct the flour and liquid amount used in the Yudane from the recipe.

    original recipe: 200g flour, 150g water (75% hydration)

    Yudane: 40g flour, 40g water (20% of total flour)
    adjusted recipe: 160g flour, 110g water


% of total flour20%
Flour to liquid ratio1:1
Ready to use8 hours
How to addTear into small pieces and add to wet ingredients
ExampleOriginal recipe:
200g flour, 150g water (75% hydration)

Adapted recipe:
Yudane: 40g flour, 40g water (20% of total flour)
160g flour, 110g water

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